Grinning Beyond: Workshops & Special Events

The newest limb of The Grinning Yogi - PDX offerings. Join us to deepen your practice with guest teachers, master classes, and more.


on the First Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm


Asana Play

Next Session: Saturday April 21 at 1pm

Learn skills that will help advance and deepen your asana practice. This is a class for students who have a dedicated yoga practice interested in exploring asana outside of what is offered in just a 60-minute class. We will dive into asana that may be challenging, unusual, and daunting. However, we will have extra time to explore the different elements of asana and how each pose supports the next. It is encouraged that students who participate have a craving to learn more and get more from their yoga practice.

This workshop is listed on our regular class schedule. Reserve your spot  ahead of time from our online scheduler or just drop-in.