TORI G. Newburn


What's your superpower? / What do you want it to be?

It would be to teleport. How amazing would that be? I am inspired by traveling and learning about new places and people. Plus my family and friends are all over the country/world - and staying connected is important to me, so getting places quickly without airport lines and long hours in a plane would be quite the power.  

How do you express gratitude?

I share smiles with everyone.  People I know, people I don't know.  I am grateful for absolutely every aspect of my life.  A simple smile has the power to shift someone’s day and perspective. By sharing this moment with others, I feel like I am passing a little something along and this helps me spread the gratitude I embody. I also say 'thank you' and 'I love you' multiple times a day!

Why do you share yoga?

Yoga has a transformative quality. The practice offers multiple shifts and opportunities to pause and turn inward.  Connecting to the breath and simply being present in the physical sensations of your body is quite powerful stuff.  The asana practice, however, is just the gateway to the innumerable possibilities of mind and heart.  When these two work together, this life becomes more potent in all ways.    

What's your favorite pose? Why?

Seated meditation. I used to answer this question with a more 'physical' asana. And don't get me wrong my daily practice includes arm balances, inversions and deep backbends - when my body allows - but these all have led me to find the freedom of sitting in stillness. Embodying the breath and going deep within invites me to connect to a great awareness of all things.  

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

A few minutes ago.  Sometimes, I laugh so hard that I tear up and can barely breath.  These moments always seem to arrive just when I need them!

What always makes you smile?

My daughter Josephine, husband John and pup Scout. My family and all of my friends.  I surround myself with the people I love, who infuse me with positive energy and support.  

What does flow mean to you?

Breath.  Connection to something greater than yourself.  The ability to let go and shift your perspective. Being in the moment.

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?

Fluid movement. Moments of stillness. Breath. Warm muscles, open minds, and laughter. The chance to leave feeling expansive, grounded and refreshed! Oh and a good playlist is guaranteed!


200hr Vinyasa Flow. 500hr Prana Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea, Jessica Lazar and Greg Marzullo. Countless workshops and hours practicing on and off the mat.  Sitting in deep self study with teachings from Pema Chodron.