NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

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Among NordicTrack’s foldable treadmills, the Commercial 2950 is the most powerful. People who want to train for long distances or who live in homes with a lot of people will like how reliable this machine is.

The 2950’s huge 4.25HP self-cooling motor makes it ideal for marathoners, long-distance runners, and even triathletes. With great iFit content and outdoor workouts from all over the world, the big 22-inch touchscreen brings the outdoors right into your home. The 15% incline and -3% descent give you even more ways to train.

Read our review below to find out more about this treadmill.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950

Features and Specifications

  • 4.25 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor
  • 15% Incline / -3% Decline
  • 12 MPH Speed
  • Runners Flex™ Cushioning
  • Upgraded 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Quiet Drive Incline Tech
  • 2.5” Precision-machined and balanced Non-flex Rollers
  • 22” x 60” Non-Stretch 2-Ply Commercial Belt
  • Free 30-Day iFit membership
  • Dual AutoBreeze™ Workout Fans
  • Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity
  • Upgraded 3” Digitally-amplified Speakers
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Integrated Accessory Tray
  • Dimensions: 79” L x 39” W x 66” H
  • 300 Lb. User Weight Capacity


The frame is supported by two steel side beams, a cross beam in the center of the deck, and a further beam at the deck’s base. The 2950 is built to last, and Nordictrack guarantees it with a 10-year frame warranty. 

The RunnersFlex cushioning keeps the deck stiff for a strong toe-off and allows a good amount of downhill travel and impact absorption. 

Compared to competing foldable treadmills, this one’s 22-inch-wide tread belt provides an extra 2 inches of width in each direction. The deck is being moved by two rollers, each with a diameter of 2.5 inches.

The commercial grade 4.25 CHP motor is built to last. It’s a powerhouse. With updated Quiet Drive incline technology, the deck’s inclination and declination make a lot less noise than they used to. Nordictrack’s research shows that a person who weighs 200 pounds and walks 2 miles per hour for 20 minutes will burn 157 calories at a 6% incline and 63 calories at a -6 percent decline.


NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Console

The 2950’s screen size and great visuals overcome the boredom of exercising at home. The Android 9 OS and a faster processor have also been added to the 22 HD touchscreen. 

The screen uses high resolution and the superb images really bring the outdoors to you. Multiple power settings allow you to discover just the right amount of flow.

Because the speakers are wrapped around the fans, the sound is spread evenly on both sides. Since the system was designed to integrate iFit, the screen size has expanded dramatically. Nordictrack anticipates most users will watch an iFit program on the screen rather than use a tablet.


If you’re a runner, you’ll love the NordicTrack Commercial 2950. It has a large, cushioned deck that folds up easily. The self-cooling nature of the robust 4.25 HP motor means that it can withstand hours of training without overheating or wearing out. You may stand to one side of the treadmill while following along with an iFit strength training class thanks to the screen’s enormous 22-inch size.

You can reach your weight loss goals with the help of the 2950 if you use it frequently and make other healthy lifestyle changes as well.


The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is equipped with 40 different exercise routines. They cater to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from newbies to veterans.

When you buy the 2950, you also get a free iFit Family Plan for the first month.

iFit is NordicTrack’s unique collection of routes and classes. iFit allows users to choose between live, prescheduled classes and previously recorded, on-demand ones. You can choose from a variety of workouts, including walking, hiking, jogging, running, combination classes, bootcamps, strength training, and even yoga. Some of the more tough workouts combine activities both on and off the treadmill.

Even if you don’t want to sign up for an iFit membership, the workout programs that come with your equipment are still just as good.

The Advantages of the NordicTrack Commercial 2950

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill includes many features that make it ideal for fitness enthusiasts who need a serious workout.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Feature

Touch Screen Control Panel

The Commercial 2950 is operated via a 22-inch touchscreen display. Watching the beautiful iFit Coach training videos on this high-definition screen will make you feel like you’re actually there. Thanks to better graphics processing, its screen is now more clear and polished than ever.

Incline and Decline

Working out at an incline on the treadmill helps you burn more calories and define your muscles in unique ways. The incline of the NordicTrack’s exercise platform can be changed by a motor from -3% to +15%. The iFit Coach Google Maps workouts and the personal trainer videos along scenic paths are the most enjoyable ways to use it.

Tread Belt

The running area of this high-end treadmill measures an ample 22 by 60 inches. The belt region is 2 inches wider than standard to accommodate more elbow room, and it’s long enough for a running stride. The tread belt has two layers to make it last longer and run more quietly.

Cushioning Preferences

With the option of a road-like or cushioned deck, the 2950’s Reflex suspension technology gives you the best of both worlds when working out. You need only to move a lever to make a change.


Powered by a 4.25 CHP DurX motor, the Commercial 2950 Treadmill is ideal for heavy use. Sprints, long distance runs, and interval training are no problem for this treadmill’s 12 mph top speed.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Treadmills from the Commercial Series make it simple to keep track of your heart rate during workouts, which is an important factor in maximizing the benefits of your cardio workouts. The new 2950 comes with a wireless Bluetooth chest strap for real-time monitoring. 

The chest strap can be used with iFit wearable devices to get off-the-cuff pulse readings. The pavement can also be used with treadmills. 

If you have an iFit Coach membership, you can monitor your heart rate over time and view the results graphically.

Should You Purchase NordicTrack Commercial 2950?

The Commercial 2950 is made to be used often and hard. It has a strong frame and a high-quality motor. You need a treadmill of this quality if you run or walk more than 15 miles a week on the machine, or if you share the treadmill with other members of your household.

The Commercial 2950’s 22-inch touchscreen is just the tip of the technological iceberg. The included iFit Bluetooth chest strap allows you to keep tabs on your heart rate as you pound the pavement. Even though the pre-loaded programs are different from what you would be used to at your local gym, the learning curve is quite minimal if you are already able to use a smartphone or tablet, as the user interface is very similar to what you would see on your smartphone.

Although there are a lot of excellent treadmills in this price range, the Commercial 2950 stands out thanks to its lower price and very alluring features.


NordicTrack 2950 vs. 1750

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is sturdier than the 1750 model, with a bigger 4.25 HP motor, a larger 22-inch display, and more workout fans. The 2950 also features a superior 2-ply commercial running belt that does not stretch. However, the 1750 is far more affordable than the 2950 and comes with a few extra apps. Two premium, commercial-grade treadmill options for the home are the 2950 and 1750. Both treadmills feature more powerful motors to protect against the kind of strain that may quickly destroy the motors on less expensive versions. Both treadmills are great for runners and can be used by people of different heights because the running surfaces are large and long.

NordicTrack 2950 vs. 2450

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is a little heavier duty than the 2450. It has a larger 4.25 HP engine, additional workout fans, and a considerably larger 22-inch HD touchscreen. Therefore, the 2950’s massive touchscreen is the primary differentiating feature between the two versions. It costs roughly $70 less to purchase the 2450 than the 2450. High-end commercial treadmills for home usage include the 2450 and 2950 models. Both treadmills feature more powerful motors to protect against the kind of strain that may quickly destroy the motors on less expensive versions. Runners and people of all sizes can get a great workout on either treadmill thanks to the ergonomic design.

NordicTrack 2950 vs. x22i

There are 22 Smart HD Touchscreens on each treadmill. The X22i is the best incline trainer on the market. The 2950 and X22i both include an incline feature. The treadmills may be adjusted to several degrees of decline.
Together, they work with an iFit Coach to simulate a trail environment. Whether you want to alter the deck padding or not, either method is effective. In comparison to the X22i incline trainer, the The NordicTrack 2950 is more portable (360 lbs vs. 417 lbs). The 2950 treadmill is lighter, but both are heavy.
The 4.0 CHP engine of the X22i incline trainer is powerful enough to support intensive workouts that last a long time. The NordicTrack 2950 treadmill is 4.25 CHP. Most people won’t notice this, but it’s important to know if you want a stronger motor.
The steeper incline of the X22i leads to a better rate of calorie burn. With cross training, the decline is even greater. Cushioning on the Commercial 2950 treadmill may be adjusted by the user; it costs less, and it folds up for easy storage.

NordicTrack 2950 vs. x32i

When compared to the Nordictrack X32i, the 2950 treadmill is more wallet-friendly. The console’s display is still plenty big for a thrilling VR workout.
In addition, it folds up to save room, unlike the X32i incline trainer.
When you upgrade to the Nordictrack X32i incline trainer, you get a 32-inch display, making your workouts feel more like an actual game.
A steeper incline of 40% is included as well, helping you burn fat and get in shape much quicker. You can improve your cross-training by using the sled grips/push-bar and the steeper 6% decline.

NordicTrack 2950 vs. Peloton Tread

There are many reasons why the 2950 is the best treadmill for runners, including its speed, incline, deck cushioning, training options, and large touchscreen. The Commercial 2950 treadmill from NordicTrack is superb.
The Tread is the most recent addition to Peloton’s line of treadmills. The 23.8-inch display on the Tread can be used indoors or out, so you can ride your bike anywhere. You’ll recognize a lot of the Peloton instructors who appear. The new Tread app’s content and design are both appealing, but it does have a few issues.
The surface area of the Tread is 68 inches by 33 inches by 62 inches. Size-wise, the belt is less than the 2950 at 59″ by 20″. The Tread cannot be compacted by folding. The large frame, narrow belt, and lack of a collapsible design are all drawbacks. The cushioning seen in the 2950 is absent from this treadmill. Compared to the 2950, the Tread lacks the cushioning seen in its sibling. There’s also no method to adjust the padding.
If you’re going fast, your floating console can shake a bit. The stability of the console is compromised by the uprights’ connection to the frame when running quickly or when the belt is fast. The touchscreen looks and works great, but it wobbles a bit on the uprights.
Another issue is the Tread’s price. In addition to its foldability, the larger belt and customizable cushioning of the Nordictrack 2950 make it an excellent choice. The Peloton programming is top-notch, but I’m not sure the Tread is worth the cost. To make sure the Tread is the best choice, we advise looking around.

The 2950 is NordicTrack’s top-of-the-line running treadmill. This treadmill’s only competition is the x32i, which has a motor that’s even more powerful. For runners and those preparing for outdoor sports, our best recommendation is the 2950. When it comes to padding, the deck can be customized to suit your preferences. Some grownups, including myself, prefer to keep the cushioning engaged even when we race outside.
There are a number of possible workouts on a surface with a 15% incline and a -3% decline. Strive to get in shape by walking, hiking, climbing, and descending hills. The belt measures 65 feet in length and 22 inches in width, making it suitable for all runners. Both iFit and the 22-inch screen are fantastic. For long-distance workouts, nothing beats the 2950.
If you’re a serious runner, you need the NordicTrack 2950.

NordicTrack 2950 vs. ProForm Pro 9000

When compared to the ProForm 9000, the Nordictrack 2950 is clearly the superior option.
A better comparison would be the Nordictrack 1750 to the ProForm 9000. The 2950 is made with a strong 4.25HP motor, more deck padding, and high-quality parts. With its lightweight design and powerful 3.6 HP motor, the Pro 9000 is an excellent choice.
The deck isn’t nearly as sturdy, and the padding isn’t distributed evenly. So that people who only want to walk or jog may still enjoy the 22-inch screen, ProForm installed a larger touchscreen on a less expensive treadmill. I think you’d enjoy the 2950 if you’re a runner.