Em MaBelle

What's your superpower? What do you want it to be? 
I can communicate with plants. Well, some. Sometimes. I do have an undeniable affinity for the beauty of growing things. (But it would be handy to be able to destroy with a glance...)

How do you express gratitude? 
With words, spoken and written. I'm fond of making "gratitude lists"...  Generally, I try to espouse an attitude of appreciation. Life is indeed a fair mix of bliss and shit; it's a good habit to appreciate what you can of all of it.

Why do you share yoga?

I believe in the healing and transformative effects of yoga, and it's an honor to share it with others!
This practice allows us to see what IS, to know ourselves, and to connect with others with more openness and love.

What is your favorite pose? Why? 
(That's like asking about my favorite flower or color... So many I adore for different reasons!)  Lately I've really been enjoying Virabhadrasana 1. For years and years this asana has felt awkward to me, and now it just doesn't anymore. As if overnight (after years and years) the pose feels steady and sure. The pleasure comes less from "getting it" than from marveling at how circumstance and perspective can radically shift, when it's least expected. 

When was the last time you laughed out loud? 
This morning when I fell up the stairs...

What always makes you smile? 
Animals and children! And I love watching people with their kids and people with their pets. So delightful!

What does flow mean to you?
To yield to the magnificent currents of the Universe, where things feel right and come easily. Flow sometimes necessitates the capitalization of certain words...

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?  
Expect to feel more, to feel better, to feel good! Emphasis on Presence and wholeness of experience. I'll use my way with words, skillfully guided and varied asana, and subtle humor to enhance your beautiful practice.