Welcome to Community LOVE - the *new* Grinning PDX Blog

What an amazing year it has been so far for us here at TGY - PDX.  We are so excited to continue to grow our incredible community.  So here on the Community LOVE Blog, we will post photos, stories and letters from the community, events, workshops & all of the LOVE that makes up TGY - PDX! If you are interested in sharing your TGY story, or just some thoughts, let us know and we will get your post posted :) Thank you all for being so awesome! 

First up:

Septemberfest 2015 is just around the corner! Join us for 2 weeks of FREE YOGA - that's right - all classes, all day, for everybody.  This is not just for new students, it is for every member of the community! Come join us and share the love of movement, laughter and just feeling damn good!