Here Comes the Sun: Sun Salutations 101

Join Lisa on Sunday December 6th and 13th for a deeper investigation of the flow! 

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is performed in almost all Vinyasa classes and is the foundation of much of the asana practice. Moving intelligently through the Sun Salutation sequence will warm the body properly for deeper movement to be attempted as the class progresses. The sequence serves as a salute to the life giving energy of the sun and a prayer for that energy to vitalize the body, mind, and soul. Once the foundations of the Sun Salutation are established, the practice will open to more clarity, structure, and mental freedom.

Sun Salutations 101 will break down the individual posesin the sun salutation sequence, exploring proper alignment, energetic actions, and use of breath. We will also address variations and modifications for individuals. Expect to light your practice up!

Investment: $35 for both sessions. Pre-enrollment required.

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