Augusta Fishman

What's your superpower? / What do you want it to be? 

I wish I could communicate with other animals besides humans. Seriously, I wish I could carry on a conversation with my dog. Ha!

How do you express gratitude? 

I like to express gratitude with acts of service. Whether it’s a kind gesture or giving my time to help someone out.

Why do you share yoga? 

Because sharing yoga is like sharing a spiritual vehicle for life. Yoga teaches us how to pause when things get tough and when we are able to do that on our mat we can more easily bring that into other aspects of life.

What's your favorite pose? Why? 

Easy. I love restorative bridge pose on a block. There is something so yummy about this posture. I love the opening of the heart space and feeling my shoulders ground down into the mat.

When was the last time you laughed out loud? 

About an hour ago. I came home and my dog greeted me with her standard wiggle-wag dance. It cracks me up every time. Never gets old.

What always makes you smile?  

Yoga, coffee, dogs, my husband, being outdoors in nature to name a few.

What does flow mean to you? 

Flow is becoming fully immersed in the present moment. When I step on my mat it’s the union of breath and movement and the elevation of my mental space to a place where I can just let it all go

What can our TGY friends expect from your class? 

My classes focus on synchronizing breath with movement through each of the postures in a safe, challenging and playful space. It’s my intention to create a space where students can walk out of class feeling a little bit lighter and with a smile on their face.

Augusta received her 200-hour teacher training certification from Mukti Yoga (Los Angeles) in 2012. She continues to further her yoga education through additional training electives and workshops.